November, 2008

Always back up your small business’ data

November 20, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

I have seen many small business owners panic as their primary storage devices fail them and they don’t have a backup or any crisis continuity plan in place.  It is very important for every small business to make regular backups of important data to keep on site and to store remotely either online or at […]


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Save money and improve image by going green

November 18, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

Small businesses account for 50% of private non-farm GDP.  The contribution is enormous by any measure.  Small businesses can make a tremendous impact on the environment, improve their image and become more profitable all by going green.


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Crisis can be an opportunity

November 14, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

In these days of global economic crisis, small businesses and the self-employed may be poised to benefit if they can properly position themselves.  The advantage of being a small business in this environment is flexibility, low overhead and less reliance on credit for capital.  Large businesses tend to be rigid, have massive amounts of overhead […]


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Find your niche and sell it

November 13, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

To be the best in one field is always a competitive advantage. If the field is specialized with growing numbers of potential customers who require your expertise, that makes the competitive advantage durable and creates tremendous opportunity for growth. The area of your specialty that coincides with a growing need in a strong selective market is called a “niche”.


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The true path to happiness is making others happy

November 13, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

Customer satisfaction is an important cornerstone of a small business’ success. In many fields of business customer satisfaction requires the expertise to provide high quality, affordable, convenient and expedient services.


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