To be the best in one field is always a competitive advantage. If the field is specialized with growing numbers of potential customers who require your expertise, that makes the competitive advantage durable and creates tremendous opportunity for growth. The area of your specialty that coincides with a growing need in a strong selective market is called a “niche”.

You can use this niche to leverage your business from just an idea in to a reality. It can mean the difference between mediocrity and standing out from the crowd. Specialization may limit the scope of your business’ market diversity, but you can strengthen its fundamentals by creating more prospects for revenue in the field that you lead. It also enables precise marketing, efficient customer relationship management and it makes the search for additional talent potentially easier to manage.

Is the secret to success using a laser-like focus to drive your talents to a strong selective market? I’ve been told by many and learned through my own personal experience that sometimes the greatest risk is not taking any risk at all. I started Arlington Virginia Computer Repair to address a niche here with much success. What have you got to lose? Find your niche and sell it!