Customer satisfaction is an important cornerstone of small business success. In many fields of business customer satisfaction requires the expertise to provide high quality, affordable, convenient and expedient services.

These days most customers are tired of waiting in lines, dealing with complex phone systems, receiving poor customer service and often strive for a refreshing change by seeking out the help of a small business.

While large corporations have seemingly limitless advertising budgets and resources, small businesses are uniquely poised to level the playing field by offering their customers an unforgettable customer service experience with a personal touch.

Satisfied customers are likely to recommend a small business that they feel performed a good service for them. Word of mouth advertising is priceless in a world where many companies spend a third of their budget marketing themselves.

For most small business owners success is an important part of their lives. They started their business with the idea of creating prosperity that they can share with their family, employees and investors. Those that hold customer service among their highest priorities understand that the true path to happiness is making others happy.