Small businesses account for 50% of private non-farm GDP.  The contribution is enormous by any measure.  Small businesses can make a tremendous impact on the environment, improve their image and become more profitable all by going green.

Saving money

Favoring green strategies may allow your company to save money.  Many companies that used to use inefficient lighting, computers, appliances can plan to replace these items with more eco-friendly energy saving improved products.  For example, replacing incandescent lighting with CFL or better yet, LED bulbs can create significant energy cost savings.  Using Energy Star compliant PCs and laptops helps and so does replacing old appliances with more energy efficient models.

Green initiatives

A green initiative that can help to improve image and create good will from customers is to recycle.  There are many ways to get involved.  Most people think of recycled paper in its various forms, but the world of recycling for businesses is growing and now offers recycled office supplies.  There are also green office products such as cleaners, toners and furniture.

Small businesses should also recycle their TVs, computers, cell phones and other equipment to make sure toxic waste is properly reclaimed.  Advertising that your business is green and recycles may help attract more customers.

Encouraging telecommuting, moving to a more digital office and other strategies are a good way to reduce costs and waste while promoting a more modern work environment.


Going green can be accomplished in small or big steps.  Every business should consider taking some steps to improve or create eco-friendly initiatives.  Small businesses are best poised to make the biggest impact on their profit margins, efficiency and how much waste they generate.