Gaining the trust of your clients is important to any business, but is it an asset?  Some would speculate that trust is only part of a much larger equation that involves customer service, pricing and quality.  But is it only a fraction of the whole or does it actually all begin with trust?

In the computer services industry I’ve witnessed many clients rightfully concerned about their privacy and security.  That concern may feed in to notions that their computer or data may not be safe outside of their hands or that they may have their equipment broken.  Weary of the possibility  that something could go wrong, many may let problems go unchecked.

This is a course of action that may have hazards of its own.  For example, a virus infection left unchecked could result in sensitive information being leaked out to third parties with malicious intentions.  Others may leave hardware problems, like an overheating computer or a perisistent error message, without resolution, potentially causing harm to both their computer and their data.

This paradigm of trust and mistrust delivers one clear message.  Trust is now an asset and it is indeed where the relationship with clients begins, especially for computer service providers.  The more the client has at risk (data, hardware, etc) the more trust they need to feel comfortable.  This trust must be handled carefully and honestly, or else the risk is that we see more problems left unchecked to the detriment of the user and the industry.