High fructose corn syrup is seemingly omnipresent in the standard American diet (nicknamed SAD).  It is the stuff that sweetens your cola, juice or desert.  This corn product even makes it in to unusual places like stuffing, bread and snack foods.

Why is this sweetener so common in America?  The answer is pretty simple.  We have massive government subsidies on corn farming, a ridiculously powerful corn lobby and the unfortunate reality is that for now most food producers seek the cheapest ingredients for your every day grocery fare.

So what’s the problem?  Well, there’s not just one, actually.  It starts off with research that proves high fructose corn syrup contributes significantly to obesity and all the ailments that come with it.  There’s also been studies that show high fructose corn syrup contains mercury from the processing that extracts it.  Finally, there’s ample evidence that it can actually cause organ damage.  Ouch!

There are, of course, many alternative sweeteners that are much less destructive to the human body, such as fresh 100% apple juice, agave syrup, maple crystals and evaporated cane sugar.

The best way to avoid high fructose corn syrup is to check your ingredient lists diligently and consume less processed food.

If enough people stop buying products that contain it that will send a message to the food industry and because of the economy they’re paying attention to consumer trends now more than ever.