America, wake up and smell the dispersants in the air.  The place is here and the time is now for the sleeping giant to emerge from its slumber.  We are all too comfortable with our ingrained beliefs and lifestyles to see the monster on the horizon.  It’s lurching towards us all with its slimy tentacles and toxic breath.

As we celebrate our independence it’s time we reflect on why we fought the revolutionary war.  No one could stand being ruled over by tyrants.  They sacrificed their lives to build a better country for the next generations of Americans.  That is why freedom is in our nation’s blood and rich history.  We deserve the truth and nothing less.  Our government should serve us and not the opposite.

So why is it that we’re settling for a lackadaisically managed clean-up effort that’s not only managing to make the situation worse with the millions of gallons of extremely toxic Corexit disperant, but we’re also allowing the government and BP to tell us we’re not entitled to have our constitutionally guaranteed first amendment rights in the Gulf?

How are we willing give up our beautiful Gulf coast, our constitutional rights and our dignity in one fell swoop?  Not only is it incredibly disappointing to see the level of apathy abound, but it is disheartening because this crisis does not affect some small segment of the population.  It is not a mild accident.  This is an environmental disaster, an economic crisis and a human cataclysm.

We are looking at a multi-decade recovery period, if we’re lucky, if the well can be sealed or relieved.  Unfortunately chances are, given that the sea floor is cracking and plumes of oil are leaking out of those crevices, that these efforts would be in vain.  The damages, if you can even begin to calculate them monetarily, are going to easily reach trillions of dollars, making BP’s paltry commitment of twenty billion dollars seem like a tiny drop in the bucket.

It is time for us all to stand up with one voice and demand that BP stops using these incredibly toxic (and might I add ineffective) dispersant chemicals.  To add insult to injury, BP even owns 20% of the company that manufactures the dispersant.  Even worse, though, BP’s CEO Tony Hayward sold a third of his share in the company before the rig exploded.

You see, the US MMS and BP knew that the well was having problems back in February of 2010.  Despite this knowledge, on March 31st our president gave the all clear for even more offshore drilling.  The same drilling that BP has publicly acknowledged they have not performed any safety testing on.  This means the Deepwater Horizon may not be the only ticking time bomb in the Gulf region.

Workers attempting to clean up the spill are being denied proper respirators even though it has been established that the spilled oil and dispersants are quite toxic and lead to permanent pulmonary damage.  This same chain of events with many sick workers from Corexit dispersant also happened during the Exxon Valdez spill.

We must unite and demand a through investigation, criminal charges and a competent clean-up effort.  It is time to contact your representatives in Washington and tell them that you will not tolerate anything less.  For more information please follow this link.