I am declaring a war on cancer. You should, too. I feel that it’s about time that people march against the biggest killer of our loved ones. Awareness has to be raised. Far too many are suffering and dying.

We spend so much of our country’s money on such trivial nonsense. We need to spend it on fighting for life itself — not against it — not taking it. For it. To re-evaluate our priorities such that life matters more than money. That life matters more than convenience.

I don’t for the life of me believe that curative medicine is out of reach. This treating the symptoms rather than curing the disease approach has to be improved upon. It’s completely ineffective and torturous at best.

Instead I feel like we’re scraping the surface of a radical change in medicine. Between gene therapy through customized viruses, stem cell rejuvenation and nano-technology that can be injected to repair damaged cells and destroy tumors — we are on the cusp. Now it’s time to take that momentum and give it a healthy injection of capital and talent to manifest a destiny of freedom from the tyranny of degenerative disease.

So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth trying in vain to regain their health.

What a sad state of affairs. And one that’s perfectly reversible if we only learn to prioritize differently, intelligently, compassionately as a society. The time has come.