In recent years Amazon has grown significantly, spreading its tendrils from e-commerce to cloud hosting, advertising and so much more.

Boom builds behemoth

As a part of that, the company has seen exponential gains in its valuation, becoming one of the biggest companies in the world. Jeff Bezos has also secured the title of richest person in the world by a fair margin.

But what of the workers at Amazon?

How are the over half million people, many of whom spend their lives toiling away at warehouses, treated? All indications that I have been able to research are not encouraging.

Are there other options?

So what does one do if they are concerned about directly supporting the exploitation of underpaid workers whilst simultaneously enabling a corporate behemoth that has set its sights on so many industries that the list of those which it does not participate in would be more compact?

Alternatives to Amazon

Provided below are a list of potential alternatives to consider when utilizing Amazon’s services if the aforementioned issues are of concern. Voting with one’s money may be the most effective way to bring about change.

E-commerce websites – General e-commerce store (owned by Walmart) – Specialized in discounts, also sells a large variety of items

Alibaba – Believe it or not, many items sold on Amazon are items from Alibaba, being resold at higher prices. If you can wait a bit, you can often get a much better deal.

B&H Photo – Electronics, computers, multimedia entertainment, photography and much more – Electronics, computers, multimedia entertainment and business equipment

Jameco Electronics – Electronics specialty store

Scribd – eBooks and audiobooks

Wayfair – Home goods e-commerce store

Target – Retail and ecommerce presence with a large variety of products.

Other resources

Streaming services

Netflix – Boasts a large selection of entertainment, from episodic series and movies to documentaries.

Hulu – Provides access to an impressive collection of television shows and movies streamed online.

YouTube – Videos from individuals, organizations, companies as well as feature length movies and television shows (on YouTube Red)

HBONow – All of HBO’s content, online.

CBS – All of CBS’s content, online.

Boomerang – Cartoons streamed online

Shudder – Horror content streamed online

Spotify – A plethora of music options for streaming.

Pandora – Your own customized, algorithm-driven radio station.

Cloud hosting

Microsoft Azure – Cloud hosting on Windows, Linux and more. Second biggest cloud.

Google Compute Engine – Cloud hosting services from Google and their near infinite computing resources.

Digital Ocean – Extremely cost effective cloud services from a fast growing private company.

Rackspace – A wide variety of Cloud hosted options

Alibaba Cloud – Flexible cloud-based hosting

Full disclosure

I have no direct or indirect interest financially or otherwise in Amazon or any of the other aforementioned companies. This article is purely for informational purposes to help provide alternatives to Amazon.