Ground level stimulus is what we need

February 26, 2009 Alexander G. Chamandy economysmall business

Where is the stimulus for the people that need a first chance? Why is it all focused on those that need their second chance? Whether it’s a company or an individual that’s financially distressed, there are many more that are not and just need a push in the right direction to ensure success.


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One man’s plan for America’s future

February 3, 2009 Alexander G. Chamandy economy

I’ve been pondering how to resolve the mess we’ve made and I’ve come up with some ideas. This is not a complete vision, but a plan that would get us on the right track.


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Crisis can be an opportunity

November 14, 2008 Alexander G. Chamandy small business

In these days of global economic crisis, small businesses and the self-employed may be poised to benefit if they can properly position themselves.  The advantage of being a small business in this environment is flexibility, low overhead and less reliance on credit for capital.  Large businesses tend to be rigid, have massive amounts of overhead […]


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