Who and what are polluting your community?

January 7, 2010 Alexander G. Chamandy health and wellnesspollution

Many people would be interested to learn which companies and pollutants are effecting their community. Scorecard.org offers just that service.


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Coal power: The dirtiest form of energy

January 7, 2010 Alexander G. Chamandy energygreensustainability

Coal power is the source of over 50% of all electricity in the United States. It is an abundant resource and it has been used since the 18th century. Back then not many people knew that it was to devastating for the environment.


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Green: The new global paradigm

July 25, 2009 Alexander G. Chamandy green

I have long speculated that there will be a different kind of technical and industrial revolution coming. One that instead of furthering us away from the Earth, brings us closer to nature again. We must bridge the gap between humanity and the planet, for as it widens we become less aware of where we’ve come from.


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