Good health starts with a proper diet

September 9, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness

Diabetes diagram

A quarter of a trillion dollars a year!  That’s the total economic price tag of diabetes as of 2012 in terms of health care costs and lost productivity. That number is prepared to surge as recent evidence indicates that half of Americans are either pre-diabetic or diabetic.  The unfortunate reality is that much of our […]



How to catch and release a wild mouse from your home

August 30, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy humane animal treatment

Mice are often uninvited guests, especially as the weather cools. Evidence of their presence may be found from unexplained gnawing on food packages, wires or sounds of scurrying around at night.


catch and releaseno kill trappingwild mice

Improve your energy levels and lose weight with these tips

August 22, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness

A wise person once said that health is the truest form of wealth, for without it we cannot enjoy our lives.  To that effect, several years ago I felt my energy levels draining, my waistline expanding and my confidence shrinking.  It was a wholly unpleasant trend that I felt needed to be reversed post haste.


healthnutritionweight loss

Increasing energy efficiency in your Arlington, VA home

March 1, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlingtonenergygreensustainability

As a longtime resident of Arlington, Virginia who is passionate about sustainability, I’ve undertaken many projects to increase the energy efficiency of my home.  Many of the homes in Arlington, including mine, are older and need extra care and attention to improve their energy efficiency. Through some straightforward analysis Arlington home owners can determine which investments make […]


Arlingtonenergy efficiencygreenhomesVirginia

Why I quit Facebook and you should, too

December 30, 2014 Alexander G. Chamandy small businesstechnology

Facebook started off as one of the most effective social networking web sites on the planet. Giving friends unfettered access to each other’s news feed and providing businesses with a large potential audience to organically build their “likes.”  The promise was that Facebook would always remain free to all.  But how do we define free? […]


advertisingFacebooksmall businesssocial networking

What is titanium dioxide doing in our food?

November 23, 2014 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness


Pick up a processed food product and you may notice a new ingredient: titanium dioxide.  Or perhaps you won’t see it listed as an increasing number of products have introduced the low cost metal additive without disclosure.  As more and more people are beginning to become concerned with the ingredients in their food, it’s time […]


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