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Time and perception

Colloquial expressions such as,”time flies when you’re having fun!” have a seed of deeper meaning. The passage of time is largely perceptual. Our brain governs it by determining how much short and long term memory is allocated toward a particular experience. Tick tock goes the brain clock We’ve all experienced the sensation. Perhaps during the […]

One hundred trillion

lactobacillus microscopic photo

That’s approximately how many cells are inside your microbiome, the colony of flora that dwells within your gut. That’s about two or three fold more cells than the human body has, and with a much greater amount of genetic diversity. The microbiome can weigh up to three to five pounds in a healthy adult human […]

“Natural” gas: the silent polluter

Natural gas hardly is natural. Not in how it’s extracted, refined or transported at least. To obtain natural gas, most extraction is performed utilizing a process called hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”). Fracking is an increasingly water intensive process. The average fracked natural gas well consumes about 9,600,000 gallons of water, which is mixed with sand, […]

Alternatives to Amazon

In recent years Amazon has grown significantly, spreading its tendrils from e-commerce to cloud hosting, advertising and so much more. Boom builds behemoth As a part of that, the company has seen exponential gains in its valuation, becoming one of the biggest companies in the world. Jeff Bezos has also secured the title of richest […]

For all of the musicians that we’ve lost

I love and respect all of these talented people for taking a dive in to the darkest abyss of their soul and sharing it with us in such a beautiful, inspirational and moving way. The art of sound is the deepest reflection of humanity’s inner dialog and these artists didn’t hold back. They allowed us […]

Aircraft Noise Problem in Barcroft Neigh...

Updated on May 18th, 2016. This is an informational blog post about the growing aircraft noise problem in the Barcroft neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. This post will be revised and added to as updates become available. The information contained herein is the result of volunteer research efforts. Important updates Recently I was contacted by Petula Dvorak […]

Let’s declare war against cancer

I am declaring a war on cancer. You should, too. I feel that it’s about time that people march against the biggest killer of our loved ones. Awareness has to be raised. Far too many are suffering and dying. We spend so much of our country’s money on such trivial nonsense. We need to spend […]

It’s time to reform the US criminal just

Interior views of traditional prison

In the United States we pride ourselves on being number one.  But leading the world in the incarceration of our citizens is not a statistic to be proud of.  After some research I found many shocking facts and statistics: Our criminal justice system disproportionately locks up minorities, despite the fact that America has a largely […]