McMansion may increase flood risk in resource protected Barcroft (Arlington, VA)

August 4, 2016 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlingtonenvironment

The relatively new owner of 4831 8th Street South has recently filed for a permit to build a new three story house (also known as a McMansion). It’s hard to fathom this monstrosity on our relatively modest Barcroft dead end street. The new home construction will consume the majority of the small 6,000 square foot land […]



Aircraft Noise Problem in Barcroft Neighborhood

May 11, 2016 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlington

Updated on May 18th, 2016. This is an informational blog post about the growing aircraft noise problem in the Barcroft neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. This post will be revised and added to as updates become available. The information contained herein is the result of volunteer research efforts. Important updates Recently I was contacted by Petula Dvorak […]


ArlingtonBarcroft neighborhoodhelicopter noise

Increasing energy efficiency in your Arlington, VA home

March 1, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlingtonenergygreensustainability

As a longtime resident of Arlington, Virginia who is passionate about sustainability, I’ve undertaken many projects to increase the energy efficiency of my home.  Many of the homes in Arlington, including mine, are older and need extra care and attention to improve their energy efficiency. Through some straightforward analysis Arlington home owners can determine which investments make […]


Arlingtonenergy efficiencygreenhomesVirginia

Windows XP at Arlington, VA Communications Center

November 24, 2013 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlingtoncomputersinformation security

It concerns me that if these systems were ever compromised it could lead to devastating problems, not the least of which could be missed 911 calls, traffic lights being down or manipulated, etc.


911Arlington CountysecurityWindows XP

Public meeting on East Falls Church Metro development tonight

April 29, 2010 Alexander G. Chamandy Arlington

Tonight there will be a public meeting in Arlington, Virginia about the East Falls Church development plans at the Tuckahoe Elementary School starting at 7:00 pm. In a nutshell, the county plan is to remove all 422 METRO parking spaces in the Park and Ride lot and erect buildings up to 12 stories tall in their place. The proposal provides for as many as 550 residential units and up to 150,000 square feet of retail space.


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