Good health starts with a proper diet

September 9, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness

Diabetes diagram

A quarter of a trillion dollars a year!  That’s the total economic price tag of diabetes as of 2012 in terms of health care costs and lost productivity. That number is prepared to surge as recent evidence indicates that half of Americans are either pre-diabetic or diabetic.  The unfortunate reality is that much of our […]



Improve your energy levels and lose weight with these tips

August 22, 2015 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness

A wise person once said that health is the truest form of wealth, for without it we cannot enjoy our lives.  To that effect, several years ago I felt my energy levels draining, my waistline expanding and my confidence shrinking.  It was a wholly unpleasant trend that I felt needed to be reversed post haste.


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What is titanium dioxide doing in our food?

November 23, 2014 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness


Pick up a processed food product and you may notice a new ingredient: titanium dioxide.  Or perhaps you won’t see it listed as an increasing number of products have introduced the low cost metal additive without disclosure.  As more and more people are beginning to become concerned with the ingredients in their food, it’s time […]


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Plant-centered nutrition-based healing for diabetes

November 23, 2014 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellnessplant-based

Many modern chronic diseases are the result of poor dietary choices. The problem is that in order to know one is making such choices, one also must be aware of the consequences of their actions.  In this article I will discuss the latest research on plant-centered nutrition-based healing that I have poured over and how it relates […]


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High fructose corn syrup dilemma

April 9, 2010 Alexander G. Chamandy foodhealth and wellness

High fructose corn syrup is seemingly omnipresent in the standard American diet (nicknamed SAD). It is the stuff that sweetens your cola, juice or desert. It even makes it in to unusual places like stuffing, bread and snack foods.



No shortage of weekend activities in Arlington, VA

April 9, 2010 Alexander G. Chamandy eventsfoodhealth and wellness

So you thought you could get away with saying there’s nothing to do, huh? Better luck next time, because this weekend there’s a ton to do in Arlington, VA.


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